When submitting cases to the portal, please upload each lesion under a separate number. If they are all bulked together it makes it very difficult for us and will certainly delay the response for you and your clients.

Thank you very much. EMS Team

Portal help

Our online portal can be accessed via the link above. We ask that each practice creates an account so that all cases from that practice can be viewed on the one dashboard.

If you require that the invoicing email address is different to the generic practice one please contact us so that we can update this.

 Submitting a new case

  1. Click “submit a case”
  2. Enter all of the details of the horse: age, sex, breed etc.
  3. Enter the referring vet details. You may add your individual email address here so that all protocols are sent to both the practice and yourself.
  4. Enter the location, images and clinical notes for each lesion individually. To add a new lesion, click “add new lesion”.
    1. Each lesion must be split out by location due to the way the portal is set up to generate a protocol.
    2. If any treatment has been attempted prior to the referral please ensure that you detail this in the history section.
  5. Click “submit”. This will take you directly to a payment page (SagePay) where the portal will automatically ask for the consultation fee of £60 + VAT.
    1. If you are VAT exempt and the portal is asking for the full £72 please contact the office with your VAT number prior to paying. We are unable to refund VAT once it has been paid.
  6. The consultation fee of £60 + VAT covers the horse for 12 months of follow-up assessments.


Tracking case progress

The portal allows you to view the status of each referral via the portal dashboard. If you have submitted a case and aren’t sure whether the case has gone through correctly please check on the portal prior to calling the office.

All generated protocols and pro-forma invoices are available on the portal.

Payment of consultations/treatments

As the fee for a consultation fee remains the same at all times, there is no pro-forma invoice generated. We will always send a paid invoice via our accountancy programme Kashflow once payment has cleared.

For treatments, the portal generates a pro-forma invoice that is emailed to the practice email, vet email and is also available via the portal. A paid invoice is sent via our accountancy programme Kashflow once payment has cleared.

We accept three methods of payment:

  • Sagepay payments on the portal
  • Sagepay payments over the phone
  • BACS transfers
    • There will be a delay of up to 2 weeks for all cases paid by BACS transfer
    • In the payment reference please include the case reference, i.e. 1***** for our records
    • Please contact us via email to confirm payment via BACS

As company policy, we are unable to refund for payments made in error by the practice. If the error was in our SagePay/portal programme then we may authorise refunds on a case-by-case basis.

VAT exempt practices

If you are VAT exempt, please do not pay the consultation fee until you have provided us with your VAT number and we have informed you that your practice is VAT exempt.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to find registered practices on the portal until a case has been submitted. Please submit your case but do not pay until you have contacted us with your VAT number.
  • We cannot refund for VAT paid by a VAT exempt practice.
    • This is your responsibility as a practice to inform us of VAT exemption prior to making a payment.

Uploading follow-ups

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer waived-fee follow up to previous Liverpool cases as our grace period has ended. These cases are required to pay the consultation fee.

Cases that are on the portal already

All follow-ups must be uploaded under the original portal reference number. This is available on the portal dashboard with the case status on the same line.

  • If there is no option to follow-up available on the portal, or the system is asking to pay for treatment at £0, please contact the office and we will update the case file immediately.



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