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We provide an online referral service to ensure horses get the best treatment for their medical problems. The majority of our patients have skin tumours and many of these are sarcoids. We have many years of experience in managing equine sarcoids and support the treatment of thousands of horses every year.

To access this service, you need to ask your veterinary surgeon to refer your horse through our portal:

Many practices across the world will already have an account with us but it is easy and free to register if they do not.

Once registered practices can upload details of your horse’s problems and provide us with pictures of any lesions. We recommend that they examine your horse to ensure that all lesions are clearly identified.

There is a submission fee associated with our service which is billed direct to the practice. Many vets use our App which will allow them to upload all the information whilst examining the horse.

Once we have received the submission, we will review the information they have submitted and provide a treatment or management plan which includes the costings for any recommended treatment we supply.

Your vet can then discuss the costs of the proposed plan with you prior to confirming the order of the treatments involved. Once we have received payment for the treatments these will be despatched to your vet so that treatment can begin.

Once your horse has been registered, we are able to provide ongoing case support to your vet as the treatment proceeds.

If at any point there is a delay in treatment supply, we will keep your vet up to date.

If you would like to request referral to our service, please contact your vet to request this. Unfortunately, professional regulations mean we are not able to advise owners directly.

Email Template:
Dear ……
I would like to request an online referral to Equine Medical Solutions for …………….. This can be done by using their referral portal or by downloading their App (Equine Medical Solutions)
With kindest regards


Owner Questions:


I have heard there is a special cream sometimes known as Liverpool cream available. How can I get this?

The cream is called AW5 cream. It was developed by Professor Derek Knottenbelt who worked at the University of Liverpool for many years.

During this time, it was often referred to as Liverpool cream. The cream is now only supplied through Equine Medical Solutions and is only available to horses who have been assessed by Equine Medical Solutions.

Review of the patient’s lesions is essential to ensure that the treatment is appropriate for the type of lesion and its location. Every lesion needs a special treatment plan that considers the location, the type of sarcoid and the best strength of cream to use.

With so many variables it is essential that each sarcoid gets its own treatment plan. Treatment plans for other sarcoids must NEVER be used without first seeking further advice through a follow-up on our portal.


Do I have to treat my horses sarcoid?

Sarcoids are a very common skin tumour in horses and whilst they may look relatively benign, they can become hugely problematic if left untreated.

There are various sites where sarcoids can be impossible to treat if they have become rooted and we therefore advise prompt treatment of even the smallest lesions.

Where the sarcoid is near a joint the movement of the joint can make the sarcoid behave in more aggressively and they can quickly hinder function.


Is laser surgery the best option for treating sarcoids?

Every sarcoid is different. For some sarcoids at some locations surgery will be the best option. We can provide you with the best advice for your horses sarcoid and can consider all factors including financial limitations, performance requirements, temperament issues.

We just need your vet to tell us about any issues that may affect treatment choice. For some cases a cost-effective treatment would be best, whilst for others a quick return to full performance is the priority.

It is impossible to give a one size fits all recommendation for sarcoids as their behaviour varies widely and they can occur anywhere on the body with differing implications.


Do you only advise on the treatment of sarcoids?

No, we treat a whole range of conditions including wound management. Derek Knottenbelt recently supported vets in the management of serious foot injury caused by sheep fencing and was able to return the horse to full function using new splinting products.

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