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We provide a referral service that gives vets advice and treatment options for equine skin conditions.

We believe in providing your equine friend with high quality treatment options and advice. As a specialist in Equine Oncology, having dedicated his life to this area, Professor Derek Knottenbelt and his team strive to provide you with high quality advice and treatment options.

Equine Medical Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2016, taking over the sarcoid referral service previously run through Leahurst at Liverpool Vet School. The aim was to continue to provide support and advice to veterinarians on equine cancer cases, in particular sarcoids. We provide and supply a variety of treatment options on a case-by-case basis, and will always recommend what we feel is the most appropriate treatment.

Our mission is to improve the understanding and treatment of equine cancer conditions.

With friendly and helpful staff, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service and support before, during and after your horse has undergone treatment.


I am so thankful to Derek Knottenbelt and Equine Medical Solutions. They are the reason my horse Lagsi is still alive. We live in the Netherlands and first went to a clinic here where they didn’t help us. Lagsi had 3 sarcoides, 2 on his face and 1 on his belly.
My horse has COPD and wasn’t breathing right because of the stress when arriving at the clinic. Lagsi would get BCG treatment that day. They send us home and told me I should consider euthanasia. While searching the internet I found posts about Derek and the “Liverpool Cream” I wrote him an e-mail and he responded the same day with words that gave us hope.
I just couldn’t believe someone who doesn’t know me at all wrote such an amazing e-mail. He told me it would be hard but that we would stay positive and do our very best to safe my horse.
2 sarcoides already fell of and the skin is healing. I believe he will recover completely and we will have many beautiful years together. All thanks to Derek and his team. They are the best!
Chantal van den Oever, The Netherlands

We are always grateful for your advice and support and would never dream of using any other service

Patrick Traill / Blaircourt Equine Clinic

We’ve used the sarcoid service for many years largely due to the level of help and assistance we receive from Derek and the team and the reassurance that we have his expertise to fall back on

David Aldington / Aldington Equine Vets

I would like to say how useful we are finding your sarcoid evaluations and protocols.  I know you have been doing it for many years now, but it does give us peace of mind that you are overseeing them.

Simon Constable / Simon Constable's Veterinary Practice

The owner and I wanted to thank you for the great help, we are very happy with the advice given by all the team at equinesarcoid!

Caroline Tessier / ONIRIS Equine Surgical Unit, FRANCE

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