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I was notified that my son’s competition horse had a large sarcoid on its neck whilst it was being seen by a vet for something else.
The vet recommended laser treatment however the area involved was around 7cm square.
I was unsure about laser treatment and a large open wound so contacted Equine Medical Solutions to ask their advice. They recommended treating topically given the size of the sarcoid. The area was treated twice daily for seven days and then finished with a single application of a cream.
Despite the size of the area being treated, we were able to keep the flies off it and the result is excellent.
I found the team at Equine Medical Solutions responsive, easy to deal with, happy to discuss options with me and the instructions given for the treatment were comprehensive.
I would recommend a conversation with Equine Medical Solutions to anyone whose horse is diagnosed with sarcoid(s) before deciding on a treatment pathway.

Karen Gardiner

Equine sarcoid

There are many different treatments for sarcoid and the correct choice is essential if success is to be achieved. No treatment is easy – if it is easy then it’s probably not going to work! The most important thing to do is to consult with your vet – do not listen to “Internet rubbish”! Cancer is cancer and must be treated with respect!

Equine medical solutions
Equine sarcoid

Dear Professor Knottenbelt and Team, I would like to thank you all very much for your great support with the horrible Sarcoid on my horse. After having tried special food, homeopathic globuli, and 2 operations in the clinic of Zürich in Switzerland you were my last hope. Together with my Vet, Dorian Bindler, you achieved the almost impossible and won the war against this aggressive cancer!! My conclusion: never treat a Sarcoid as something that is not so nice to look at, and never give up until you try with the help of Derek Knottenbelt. Thank you ever so much.

Evi Feld and Hokus-Pokus de Oxalis

Equine sarcoid


The remarkable outcome here arose because Evi was determined that she would get a good outcome. She was supported incredibly well by her veterinarian who undertook the lifesaving treatment. It was a long and difficult path but the outcome was worth it. DON’T GIVE UP – at least try and always consult your vet early so we can do the very best for your horse. Of course, there are sometimes failures but dealing with cancer is always likely to be challenging. Don’t waste time and money trying rubbish treatments.

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