Prof. Knottenbelt and the team from Vets with Horsepower head off today on their Scandinavian journey!

The four supported charities for the 2023 Vets with Horsepower tour are:

1. Power to Ukraine: a project under the auspices of BEVA to send generators to Ukraine to help Ukranian vets treat horses under very difficult conditions in the middle of a war.

2. Camphill Village Trust: a UK based charity which supports adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges to lead a life of opportunity. Camphill Village Trust

3. Saving the Survivors: StS treats and cares for animals, mainly rhinos, who have been subjected to brutal poaching injuries and then left to die. Saving The Survivors

4. The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust: this charity provides veterinary support for horses and donkeys in the Gambia, along with veterinary education and much needed public education about the care and welfare of these animals. The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

If you feel able to donate, please visit for further information.

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