We have had a testimonial and results of AW5 (formally known as Liverpool cream) treatment sent to us from Jo Banks whose horse Tikarla; an 18 year old mare, was treated through New Era Vet Hospital, Jersey, by vet Max Hannah MRCVS. This is a result of great dedication, and regular follow ups by the owner and the treating vet.

Owner Jo Banks:

“For many years our mare had had a small (size of thumb nail) sarcoid, under her tummy. It was covered by skin and appeared to not bother her. We were advised to leave ‘well alone’ and just kept an eye on it. For no apparent reason it started to increase in size and a second developed on the inside of her thigh.

This was followed by a third on her teat. The original sarcoid grew significantly in size and became ulcerated as shown in the 2 photos below.

Photo 1 - before treatment December 2018
Photo 2 - before treatment December 2018

The recommended treatment included the surgical removal of the third sarcoid, which was carried out first and was very successful, and a treatment plan for administering “Sarcoid Cream AW5”. The vet made 6 visits, to administer the cream, over a period of approx 10 days. I was initially very apprehensive about using the cream as I had heard many ‘horror stories’ about the possible consequences.

Photos 3 and 4 are of the tummy lesion which were taken during the treatment process after the application of the AW5 cream.

photo 3 - During treatment - January 2019
Photo 4 - During treatment - February 2019

sarcoid healed“I am so pleased that we decided to follow the treatment plan for our mare’s sarcoids. She was sore at times and developed swelling but neither was as bad as I anticipated and both were relatively short lived.

We left the sarcoid sites alone, regularly taking photos to show our vet, and the skin has completely healed by itself (photo 5).

We started the cream treatment on the 5th December 2018 and the tummy sarcoid site was as photo 5 by April 2019.

The whole process took longer than I was expecting but our mare was ‘sore’ for a relatively short period of time and the end result is far better than I thought was possible. My advice, based on this experience, would be to treat sooner rather than later.

Go back and compare photos 1 and 2 with photo 5.

Many thanks to our vet and to Equine Medical Solutions.

Treating vet Max Hannah MRCVS:

“I have used AW5 and Professor Knottenbelt’s personalised treatment plans with generally good success. Tikarla’s case is a good example of the right treatment and excellent owner compliance producing a positive result.

Jo is very dedicated to her horses and though she was apprehensive to begin with, she followed our advice to the letter and I am pleased that she is happy! I would recommend referring any suspected sarcoid to Equine Medical Solutions (EMS) for assessment and treatment via the veterinary portal, the support is second to none and the advice from EMS is invaluable.”

We are happy to help in anyway we can and love seeing success stories like this!

As we are a vet referral service, please speak to your vet practice about having your horse referred through us for advice and treatment plans.

Equine Sarcoid treatment