It is that time of the year again that will have many horse owners reaching for their clippers to de-fuzz their four-legged friends, with hopefully lighter nights and better weather just around the corner!

It is really important to make sure that you examine your horse’s skin carefully after the clipping process.

Very often sarcoids that were not visible prior to clipping suddenly become very obvious once the horse’s coat has been removed – just as had happened in the attached photo.

equine sarcoid visible after clipping a horse

During the Winter and Spring is a great time to treat sarcoids, and well before the dreaded fly season starts.

Remember – sarcoids grow over the Winter, so they may not have been visible in the Autumn.

Please be vigilant and monitor your horses carefully.

If in any doubt, please contact your veterinary surgeon who can refer your horse’s case to us through our website   by clicking here

Equine Sarcoid treatment