Equine Medical Solutions are aware of the pressures that the current COVID-19 situation is placing on vets and their clients.

Many owners will want to treat sarcoids and other ailments now whilst their horses are unable to travel or compete. This however needs to be balanced with the safety of the vets and owners as well as the pressures placed on veterinary practices by staff absence and illness.

As our service is primarily online, we are still able to offer a full service to our practices. Our office staff will be handling any calls and queries from home and one person will be in the office to dispatch treatments twice a week.

If you have a case that needs treatments urgently, please email us on office@equinesarcoid.co.uk to find out the next date of dispatch and we can ensure it is sent by the fastest method possible.

The BVA guidelines recommend that sarcoids, skin disease and lumps should be handled remotely in the first instance. Whilst it is always preferable to have a vet examine the horse to find all possible sarcoid sites, we understand that this will not be possible for all cases.

Owners can already access a tumour map at here.

Which should be completed when they make a thorough check of their horse before any telemedicine consultation you undertake. We would advise that photos are taken of all affected areas and there are instructions on how to get the best pictures here.

Once you have a full tumour map and corresponding photos you will be able to submit these on our online portal.

As our service offers an annual consultation fee that lasts for 12 months, we would encourage vets to use this service to get advice on whether urgent treatment is required. If treatment needs to be delayed for any reason, updated advice can be provided free of charge within 12 months of the initial consultation.

Please advise the office by email if treatment is being delayed so they can amend the case record to allow you to add follow up images without having purchased treatment.

We are currently preparing some information about which sarcoids require urgent treatment and which could wait for a few weeks and will update you as soon as possible.

Equine Sarcoid treatment