Derek Knottenbelt will be joining the charity’s chief field officer Claire Gordon to discuss a whole host of common skin conditions and diseases in equids, including lice, mites, ringworm, sweet itch, rain scald and mud fever, as well as sarcoids.

The World Horse Welfare seminar is on 20 January at 7pm

Prof Derek Knottenbelt


Recognising the signs and symptoms of various common skin conditions will be covered, and treatment and management options for each condition will be discussed.

Where possible, Prof Knottenbelt and Ms Gordon will also tackle prevention during the webinar and will welcome questions on this subject.



By registering for the webinar through Zoom, delegates will be able to take part in the various polls, ask questions during the Q&A, and have a more interactive experience.

The fortnightly webinars are free to attend and are all available to watch on the World Horse Welfare YouTube channel.

Article courtesy of Vet Times January 2021

Equine Sarcoid treatment