This spring we will be introducing the Equine Medical Solutions app for IOS and android systems. This will enable stable-side submission of cases and follow-ups without needing a computer terminal.

The App is very intuitive, and should allow people to get familiar with it quickly. It aims to reduce the time spent on each case and improve efficiency.

Equine medical solutions
The app will be free to download but can only be used by vets. Owners are not permitted to submit cases and should contact their vet if they feel their horse would benefit from our advice.

Over the last 6-12 months there have been significant rises in the cost of the materials we use in our treatments and with the advent of Brexit there has also been a significant increase in the costs of delivery services.

However, we appreciate that everyone is experiencing financial pressures at the moment and we will therefore do our utmost to avoid price increases whenever possible, and when essential will keep them to the minimum required.

Our current consultation fee provides fantastic value for money, providing access to advice for up to 12 months for each patient. This allows owners and vets to get the best advice at all stages of the problem.

Thank you for your ongoing support and rest assured that we will continue to develop new treatments and new approaches which allow us to provide the best and most cost effective care for all your horses and donkeys.

Equine Sarcoid treatment