Equine Medical Solutions provides expert advice to hundreds of veterinary practices every year. The advice is based on many years of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of skin diseases and cancers in horses. Many of the conditions we see are challenging but we aim to give your horse the best chance of treatment possible.

AW5 Cream is the new version of AW4-LUDES (sometimes known as Liverpool Cream). This treatment was developed by Professor Derek Knottenbelt to provide a cost effective method of treating Equine Sarcoid. The product has been successfully used in thousands of horses worldwide.

Horses can be afflicted with a wide variety of Skin Cancers of which the most well known is the Equine Sarcoid. We provide up to date Advice on the common tumours found in horses:

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Sarcoid information

Sarcoid FAQs (PDF)




Mast Cell Tumour

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