This website is intended for horse owners (link to info for owners) wanting to gain a greater understanding of equine sarcoids and cancer conditions.  Veterinarians are directed to the scientific literature and recognised text books.

The information on this site is the opinion of the author. This is the result of experience with thousands of cases over many years. Many vets have their own opinions on the various aspects of diseases discussed here.  Some of the information described here may be contentious and there may be areas of disagreement between individual veterinary surgeons, research workers and horse owners.

Our focus is predominantly on Equine Sarcoids (link to sarcoids page), however we do offer advice on various equine cancer and skin conditions. To view information on some of these diseases

please click the links below.

Sarcoid information for owners

Sarcoid information

Sarcoid FAQs (PDF)

Carcinoma (PDF)

Melanoma (PDF)

Lymphoma (PDF)

Mast Cell Tumour (PDF)

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