Referral service

We provide a referral service that gives vets advice and treatment options for equine skin conditions.

We provide treatments for horses suffering from cancer, tumours and growths.

We support vets with expert advice to allow them to manage the disease in the best way possible.

We make it possible for owners to give their horses an active and healthy life.


I am so thankful to Derek Knottenbelt and Equine Medical Solutions. They are the reason my horse Lagsi is still alive.

Chantal van den Oever, Horse owner, The Netherlands

We are always grateful for your advice and support and would never dream of using any other service

Patrick Traill / Blaircourt Equine Clinic

We’ve used the sarcoid service for many years largely due to the level of help and assistance we receive from Derek and the team and the reassurance that we have his expertise to fall back on

David Aldington / Aldington Equine Vets

I would like to say how useful we are finding your sarcoid evaluations and protocols.  I know you have been doing it for many years now, but it does give us peace of mind that you are overseeing them.

Simon Constable / Simon Constable's Veterinary Practice

The owner and I wanted to thank you for the great help, we are very happy with the advice given by all the team at equinesarcoid!

Caroline Tessier / ONIRIS Equine Surgical Unit, FRANCE

I am so thankful to Derek Knottenbelt and Equine Medical Solutions. They are the reason my horse Lagsi is still alive.

Latest News

Equine Oncology Book Wall of Fame

Thank you to the practices who have sent in pictures with your Equine Oncology Book prizes for Champion practice of the year and our monthly prize draw winners.   There are still more opportunities to win!  We will be doing a monthly prize draw throughout the year, with 2 randomly selected winners…

Scottish Veterinary Awards 2019

We have been nominated for Practice Of The Year at this years Scottish Veterinary Awards! We would very much apprecaite your vote, however we know this will be a very popular category as we have many amazing Small animal, Equine, Large animal and Mixed pracitces here in Scotland, we are…


Some good news. We are replacing our current Receptura 30g tube with a new 50g tube with no price increase! The Receptura name will also be changing to Lignaine. As the cost of living is going up, we are trying to make the cost of treatment of our much-loved horses…

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